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Bulb Creative

Capturing the heart of your wedding day with timeless elegance and a documentary spirit on the Gold Coast.

Bulb Creative, spearheaded by the dynamic husband and wife duo Harley and Ainsley, epitomizes the art of capturing nuptial bliss through their lens. Located on the sun-drenched Gold Coast and servicing the area from Byron Bay to the Sunshine Coast, they specialize in documenting the intimate narratives of weddings. Their philosophy is simple yet profound: to photograph the day as it unfolds, ensuring the real emotions and genuine moments shine through each frame. With a penchant for editorial style photography, they excel at portraying dreamy light and graceful details, crafting images that resonate with soft tones and poetic movement. Whether you're exchanging vows amidst the verdant hinterlands or along the pristine coastline, Bulb Creative commits to encapsulating the very essence of your celebration — the joyous emotions, the serene moments, and the lively festivities that tell your unique love story. In their skilled hands, your wedding memories become timeless treasures, encapsulating not just images, but the cherished feelings of your extraordinary day.

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